Litterpick leader's procedures

Litterpick leader's procedures

See Clean Cornwall’s Litter Pick Pack .

Hilary organises permission from Clean Cornwall, including confirmation a) that insurance will be provided as long as you inform pickers of the safety checklist, and b) that Cory will collect the rubbish sacks the following day. 
Hilary will have done the formal risk assessment, but it’s worth checking through that. 

Permission from Saltash Town Council to borrow the pickers and the hoops – there is an application form [we should provide that as an attachment]. You pick up pickers (8 child, 12 adult) and 10 hoops from Mark Orchard, warden of St Stephens crematorium, in the week running up to the litter pick. You may wish to confirm that he’s there by phoning him on 07375 703801, as he may be off in meetings etc, or busy with a client. If he’s not in his office (through the gates and on the right) then listen out for his strimmer, he’ll be busy as he covers part of the churchyard as well as the crematorium. 

Sho provides the sacks. Sho also provides the Safety Checklist which you need to either read out, or draw peoples’ attention to. And he provides a map marked with the worst spots for litter: but you may want to explore the area beforehand, to see how the volunteers can best be organised. Sho also provides a list for people to add their name so they are mentioned on Facebook. 

At the end of the litterpick, tie up the bags, and weigh them with the luggage scales (for the permanent record). Leave bags together in the designated space. Take some photos at the end and email them to Sho with the weight, and list of volunteers. 

If there is litter you can’t remove (e.g. too heavy, or needles, or dead animals) then inform Cornwall Refuse and Recycling on 0300 1234 141, on the next working day after the litter pick. You will need the Postcode of the items (from internet map: I carefully got the grid references but she didn’t want those!) 

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